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#26: Moms Can Help Kids Beat Stress By Letting Them Live Their Own Lives.

My daughter has been playing with the new iPhone update lately and she’s been sending me all these images that are gifs; you know, the short moving images that play on a repeating loop. Anyways… one of the images she sent had a picture of Maddie Ziegler, the main dancer from the show called Dance…

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#25: Happy, Fulfilled Moms Needed to Raise Stress Hardy & Resilient Children

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is how a mother’s satisfaction with her life relates to her ability to raise stress hardy and resilient children and how this dynamic affects society. Despite many changes to family structures over the last 50 years, I believe moms are still the primary caregivers in…

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#24: Beat Temper Tantrum Stress with the Soothing Sound of Your Own Voice

Have you ever wondered why infants throw crying fits or why they have temper tantrums? In my opinion, the answer to this question is simple if you look at it through a stress management lens. A big part of understanding temper tantrums revolves around the human stress response system and how neural pathways are built…

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#23: Moms & Kids Must Work Together on Meaningful Projects to Conquer Stress for Life

So research shows when parents are stressed, kids are adversely affected. The reason for this seems to be that when parents are stressed, they are not as attentive to their kids and so they don’t spend as much time with their children, or at least, if they still spend lots of time with their children,…

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#22: Parents Must Adapt to Help Kids Beat Stress – Like Research Scientists in a Lab

So, it’s been 13 years since I started learning about stress and stress management. I’ve been learning about overall health and wellness for about 25 years, but I really started to zero in on the concept of stress as the main source of my challenges with Asthma back in 2003. At that time, most of…

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#21: The World Needs Moms as Children’s Wellness Heroes & Advocates

In 2002, the well-known economist, Paul Zane Pilzer, in his book The Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry, predicted that by the year 2010, the wellness industry, not to be confused with the medical industry or the pharmaceutical industry, would be producing at least $1 trillion dollars in…

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#20: Help Kids Conquer Stress 4 Life By Ditching the I’m Dumb, I’m Stupid Labels

Have you ever noticed that people cause themselves a lot of stress by calling themselves dumb or stupid or by self-attacks, in which they reprimand themselves for not knowing something they feel they should have known? To me, this behaviour causes far too many unnecessary free radicals to be produced in the body and it…

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#19: Beating Stress by Eliminating Onion & Tomato Chunks in Kids’ Diets

I was raised below the poverty line, so I learned young to eat what I was given or I would have to go without; there was no room for finicky eating behavior. Fast-forward to when my own kids were young, I went through a phase with one of my daughters when she had very dysfunctional…

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#18: Kids Can Beat Anxiety if Parents Learn the Science of Stress & Rewards

Bad Stuff is Sticky Have you ever noticed that kids (and adults) dwell on the bad stuff that happens in life way more than the good stuff? It seems that when a bad thing happens, it sticks to kids like it’s being held with the strongest glue, but when we achieve something good or when…

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#17: Strong-Willed Kids Solve Stress Better Than Most

The other day, I was reading an article in the Washington Post about strong-willed children. The article suggested these children aren’t as bad as many parents make them out to be and suggested that parents, who are raising “strong-willed” children should let up on them just a little. The article spoke to me because by…

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#16: All You’re Ever Gonna Be Is Mean… Beating Back Bullying Stress

I read a post recently in a Facebook group, of which I’m a member, and was horrified by a story about a beautiful 8-year-old girl (picture provided) who had been called nasty names by some mean girls and the resulting bad feelings had begun to affect the little girl’s opinion of herself long term. Needless…

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#15: Childhood Stress: The Good And The Bad Of It… Stressors, That Is.

I don’t know about you, but I am split on what I think about stress in kids’ lives in modern times. One the one hand, they have way too much destructive, traumatic and uncontrolled stress from serious situations like bullying, dealing with divorced parents, endless irrelevant testing at school and parents who engage in addictive…

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#14: How I Helped My Kids Beat Stress by Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

So money has been an issue around our house lately because both of my teen girls haven’t been working much lately; however, I’m confident this won’t be a problem for long because thankfully, both of my girls are very entrepreneurial. For example, in the past, my youngest daughter often came up with different ways to…

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#13: How Athleisure Clothing Helped My Daughter Build Confidence

Time Magazine ran a story awhile back about fusion energy, which peaked my curiosity because if this radical power source was ever made safe enough, as well as affordable and accessible to more people, it could replace humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels, such as oil and natural gas, and that would be great for the…

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#12: Kids Can Kick Test Stress to the Curb

My eldest daughter turned 16 a few months ago. It was a very exciting day in her world and it was made even more exciting because where I live, the 16th birthday is the day that young people are allowed to get their learners driving permit, a huge rite of passage kind of day. Of…

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#11: Honor & Use Anger – Release the Rest

I was chatting with one of my daughters today about personality types because in the last couple of weeks, all of us (mom, dad and both girls) have taken a personality test called the Enneagram. For my daughter, we learned she is a classic reformer and of course, every type has good and not so…

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#10: More Stress Now = Less Stress Later

Over the last while, I have been helping my children learn more about who they are as people. I feel it is the first step in helping them to find the life that will be the most fulfilling to them. Thankfully, because I have access to some really powerful self-development tools, the process has not…

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#9: Kids & Pets: Conquering Stress Together

Not too long ago, I was watching my youngest daughter man-handle one of the family cats. It’s not that she was being particularly rough with the cat she calls Sunni; rather, she was just not being very gentle. It was like she felt an extreme trust that the cat would not scratch or bite her…

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#8: 3 Prongs of Stress Relief: Reduce, Respond, Repair

So last week, when my daughter was telling me the story about her friends at the local McDonald’s restaurant and the creepy predator guy (last week’s post), it reminded me of the many times when my children have been faced with some type of predator stress and of course, this time I was thankful it…

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#7: Creepy Stuff… and Not Just on Hallowe’en

This morning, my youngest daughter came into my room with a story to share about something unfortunate that happened the previous day at a local McDonald’s restaurant involving a couple of her friends. It seems, these two teen girls were waiting for two other teen girls to show up and so they ordered their food…

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#6: The Master Snuggler Strikes Again

Last night, I was sitting on the couch in the library doing my regular wind down routine of playing card games on my iPad and reading books on my Kindle app. It was getting kind of late, so I called down to my girls that it was time to think about getting ready for bed.…

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#5: Simplifying Childhood… and Adulthood

I got in touch with the local theatre the other day to find out when auditions for the summer theatre program would be happening. I also wanted to know what show had been chosen for this 25+ year old annual musical theatre experience for teens. I found out that auditions are in April (as usual)…

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#4: Motivating Kids Now to Live Stress-Free as Adults

Last fall, my girls got jobs at a local fast food restaurant where they had mostly positive experiences and only a couple of negative experiences. They learned many new skills, met new people and earned a fair amount of money, considering they were only 14 and 15 years old when they started. One negative experience,…

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#3: Solving Stress with True Confidence, Not Just Surface Courage

It’s that time of year again! Yep, it’s the start of the performing arts training season. Well, actually, it started a few weeks ago already. Regardless, if you have performing arts kids, then you know the drill. Each year around this time, my two teen girls become heavily immersed in all things performing arts and…

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#2: 18 Ways Technology Helps My Girls and Me Conquer Stress for Life

Lately, there’s been a lot of hype as to whether access to technology is a good thing for children, especially young children. I have been reading plenty of other mom blogs and there are so many moms out there who have weighed in on this subject and are made it clear why they are for…

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#1: Welcome to Jill’s Blog – Intro Post

At breakfast this morning, the subject of being an artist came up. It turns out that my daughters’ friend, who stayed over last night for a sleepover (a regular occurrence around here) is a budding visual artist and quite a good one at that. Anyway, both of my daughters chimed in that they have no…

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