To me, the greatest work of a parent is to create amazing systems in childhood that will allow young people to grow up to achieve their dreams without unhealthy barriers.

Did you know there is an actual formula for how accomplished people throughout history have been able to turn their dreams into reality?

Olympic athletes who win gold medals, film actors who win Oscars and entrepreneurs who become billionaires all have one thing in common.

Each one had parents who discovered (perhaps accidentally), a powerful success formula while their kids were still young and each one received three gifts from their parents in childhood: plenty of healthy stress, rock solid support systems and a strong, internally controlled sense of purpose.

In modern schools, kids are taught academic success, which usually provides young people access to their career of choice… with high grades, they can easily gain entry.

But, I believe gaining access to a profitable career field is only the first step. Once the door is open, it takes much more than good grades to rise up and become a star.

Hi, my name is Jill Prince and I’m grateful our paths have crossed. My mission is to empower moms to give their kids the emotional intelligence needed to land their dream career, and to rise to the top of that career and then to move on to other dreams and be successful in those as well.

If you’re a mom, like me, who wants her kids to have an unstoppable future, I believe I have some ideas and tools to help you make your vision a reality.

And when I’m not developing fun, interactive, science-based, easy-to-use wellness education tools, I keep busy helping my own kids become healthy, happy, self-motivated and successful.

Both of my children have a passion for the performing arts and both are talented singers, dancers and actors. Nothing makes me happier than watching them up on stage.

I also love to watch videos on their YouTube Channel, JulesnClara, and I know it is only a matter of time until they achieve their dreams on that project as well.

About ten years ago, I began studying stress and stress management and when I blended this new knowledge with my 30 years’ experience working with over 10,000 children and youth in all kinds of settings, I realized there was an actual formula to help ALL moms help ALL kids achieve ALL their dreams.

So, when I’m not sitting in the audience watching my own children in one of their many leading roles, you’ll find me helping moms help their young children learn how to conquer stress so they can achieve their dreams as well.

And when I’m not watching YouTube, I might be in the kitchen since there’s nothing I love more than adapting delicious recipes into healthier... but still delicious versions of savory meals.

Thank you for taking the time connect, and the best way to stay in touch is to subscribe to my email newsletter list.

~ Jill